Use me Up… Consume Me


Consume = to use up

Today, standing during worship I sang the words “consume me from the inside out. “

I began wondering what that means and what would it be like if I

actually allowed God to consume me from the inside out!

As soon as I made it back home I looked up the definition of consume. I looked this up because I want the most from God. I want everything he has in store for me.

I do not want to sit in church every Sunday, sing the songs, listen to the sermon, smile at the people around me and then go home and forget about it all.

What a waste church would be each and every week! What is the point? As soon as I get to heaven Jesus is going to look at me and see an immature baby Christian! When I see Jesus I want to run into his arms as he swirls me around and tell me how proud he is of me! I don’t want a pat on the head as he says smiling, “Nice try Toni!” What a disappointment that would be;to stand in front of Jesus knowing I did not do my best.

I literally want God to consume me from the inside out just as the song meant when I sang it today. I want him to use me up..all of me while I am here on this earth to represent Him! I want his light and glory to shine through me every day through the good and the bad! I want others to know Him because His light radiated to them because of His consumption of my soul! I want Him to fill me up so I can be strong in every trial!

What about you? Are you going to continue living day by day, week by week, forgetting the words you sing at church… forgetting the words you hear from your church sermons… not taking anything God says very seriously?


Are you going to actually ALLOW God to consume you from the inside out?!

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