What to Do???

There are so many things that I want to do but I don’t have the time. I figured I would talk about them here and see if anyone else has the same crazy desires I do and MAYBE someone else is already doing it!! (Let me know if it has been done.)


The Lost Sock Facebook Page


I SWEAR someone else has my lost sock!!!       Why, you may be asking??

Because I have socks showing up in my dryer that I have NEVER seen before! I ask my children… they’ve never seen them either.

I’m telling ya…. you all have one of my lost socks!!

If we had a place to post pictures of our missing sock someone out there would have the other one and we could reunite them. PLUS, we would save money on buying new socks.


What is your dirt limit for your microwave survey?

microwaveGrowing up in a pretty dirty household I find my self wondering what the dirt limit is for the microwave.

I have not been taught what the social norm is for this and wonder where I stand. I was going to take a pic of mine so you all could critique me but I didn’t think of it until I cleaned it.

Maybe next time.

If you have wondered this also then maybe you could start the survey and we can find a happy medium on this pressing issue I have.


Mysterious Butter!

butterI recentlylearned that butter does not have to stay in the fridge.

But I have a lot of questions about that now. Maybe you can help.

Does it have to covered while not in the fridge?

Will bugs come out at night and lick it?

How many days or weeks can it stay out?

Can you store extra butter in the cupboard; like stock up from Sam’s Club or something?

Is there a FAQ Butter Facebook page that could help me?


Those are the disturbing thoughts that distract me from saving the world!!! Just thought you might want to know. :D

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