Preparing for the Coming Year: 2014

I learn so much when I attend church. Each sermon I am able to apply to my life in some form or fashion.  As I sat and listened today I was continually reminded of what is to come in the year 2014.  I keep feeling a sense of urgency that this new year will be critical, difficult, inspiring, and joyous. I await it with anticipation each time the Spirit speaks to my soul while I continue to prepare for whatever may come my way.  winter

In today’s sermon I was presented with the question, “Are you prepared spiritually for the winter?” The winter is a time where the growth of plants and food needed for survival stop. They rest and then bring new buds, new fruit, new energy when the warmth arrives in the spring. I began to ponder, “Am I ready for a winter? Have I trusted God enough to trust Him through the dry spells, the down sides of life, the heartaches that may come my way?” Whatever may come will arrive whether I am ready or not.

In order to be ready for these times I must understand my weaknesses in order to prepare for those hard times ahead. Am I keeping myself accountable or hiding in my sin? Do I fellowship with my circle of friends who will support me when I am in need or am I isolating? Am I spending time praising God and praying for His guidance or am I acting on my own will and desires? These are my weaknesses. This is what I need to keep on my spiritual radar and work on continually.


So I ask you today, “Are you prepared spiritually for the winter? If not, what weaknesses do you need to understand about yourself to prepare for the coming year?”

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One comment on “Preparing for the Coming Year: 2014

  1. The best way to prepare for the winter is by making sure my heart is a place that welcomes the Lord’s direction; sensitive to His voice. A heart that cares more about what it gives rather than what it receives, is a heart after the Lords heart indeed. And He, only He is all I need.

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